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It is madness; this will astound -
how love and sin side by side can abound.
In the same heart there lurks darkness and light;
in the same mind there is courage and fright.

'Tis so strange, you will have to agree;
that there are those who think they are free,
but instead they're still living under the curse -
holding on tight to their folly and purse.

Once every week they might sit in the pew,
thinking of home and their afternoon stew.
Their minds on the things of this earth are set,
and about the things of this world they fret.

They listen and listen but do not hear -
they say they believe but they do not fear.
They close their ears to God's gentle Voice,
and go their own way out of their own choice.
You can't get to Heaven through any religion,
No matter how great your works and your vision.
There is only one Key to unlock Heaven's door:
Jesus Christ crucified nothing less; nothing more.
If your heart is set on doing God's Will,
Even though sometimes you must remain still.
Not looking within for strength to do deeds -
Not looking to man to fulfill all your needs.

But accepting the gift of God's only Son,
and everything that out of love He has done
for you and for me on that cursed cross;
to cleanse us of all our sins and dross.

Then will we soar on eagle's wings,
leaving behind the earthly things;
In the secret place worship God alone
with hearts of flesh and not of stone.

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