Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

Remember as a child you just had the simple faith and trust in some things to just believe though you did not ever see?

Like that rabbit really hopped to my front door where he stopped with a basket just for me though not one time him I see.

And I never questioned how Santa got into our house though a chimney we had not Mama left the door unlocked.

And every time I lost a tooth underneath my pillow proof Tooth fairy would leave and take though not one time did I wake.

And that frog one time I kissed thought he’d change into a prince I still try this one today though my progress has been nay!

And those reindeer wearing bells, silently on rooftop fell though no hoof prints left behind milk and carrots they did find.

And that Sandman on his wings every single night he’d bring scratchy sand to fill my eyes though I never knew just why.

Bedtime prayers down on my knees: I did then and still believe that He hears all my requests though He may not answer yes.

From magic snowflakes every year Frosty the Snowman does appear though when he melts I always cry, a magic snowman never dies.

And I knew when I was three exactly who I would marry though many years and frogs past since, Daddy remains my only prince!

Remember as a child you just had the simple faith and trust in some things to just believe though you did not ever see?

The true gift of childhood is: not with eyes but heart see with Adults trade in their faith for time though without trust our hearts go blind.

For this sight is based on trust, adults cannot accept: Just. Children have undying faith though guarantees to them aren’t made.

Children do not ask for proof: they see miracles as truth Adults demand all be written though how can magic be printed?

A childish heart is truly blessed filled with no doubts, only yes. Adult hearts peer through panes of past though once it was untainted glass.

A childish heart unblemished yet holds no fear, worry or debts. Adult hearts bear the scars of time though if you search perhaps you’ll find

Adult hearts still see and believe though now disguised as memories ……

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