Andrew PellThe Sea of Marvels
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Sea of Marvels
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(An affirmation from the Rev.Dr Arthur Chang: “May you willingly sail into the Sea of Marvels, crashing through the treasure of your true self “

The Sea of Marvels is a thing called life.
It transports us through oceans of vast might and power.
Sometimes we sail in calm seas, other times we sail into turbulent strife.
But with that we have an anchor that will secure us and hold us tight.
As we stand still anchored safe, life becomes so much brighter.
Then once again we journey on and encounter rough seas.
That is the time to tune inwards and listen,
Then embrace and hear the Divine spiritual harmonies.
This is when we are lifted up from the mundane to the sublime.
We sail willingly into the Sea of Marvels.
Great happiness and treasure you will find.
Safe in a harbor, anchored and secure.

© Andrew Pell 16/06/2020

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