Anthony James The Sigh Of Saints
Poetry By Anthony James
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The Sigh Of Saints
Poetry By Anthony James

The Sigh Of Saints
death stops the breath
reaching for air to breathe
when he comes, he stuns
a sudden, time to leave.

death brings hell
hell does death, bring
upon the spirit of many, men
and seeks to bring a sting.

every man be born,
and die does each of us, of course
and time between the two
is a patient, Godly, Force.

our days, and ways
we witnessed them all.
we did,
many lied and denied, 
and rejected God's call

and every man did fall.

we see The Lord
The Light
The Sword.

some tell The Lord our sins were, nil
the unrepentant, sinner's ways
in Sheol remain the same.

but the Saved of God
were Saved within terrible pain,
and wept and slept
in pillows wet,
of tears that changed their heart.

and the unrepentant stand
with nervous hands
in hopes to be let in.
but He turns away from them
and hands them, to their sin.

and death and hell
did come so fast,
as wild horses do-
upon these men, at last, they cast
their souls to hell, it's true.

and they wept.
and they cursed.
and then death did take them,

and they died, then.
and were no more.

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