Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

I ask, Why do we slaughter the Whales
That belong to the Earth and the Sea?
They don't belong to Governments
Nor belong to you or me!
Far too many Centuries they scream
When the Harpoon blows within
And it takes half an hour to Die
It's a War against all of their kin!
And the Waters run bloody bright red
In the Cove where the Dolphins Die!
They are horridly hacked to death
Without shedding a tear from one eye!
And huge ships swallow up Fishes!
And vacuum Oceans all clean
And if they continue to do so
There won't be anymore seen!
Men only think of their profit
And stockpile all they can get
Trawling and cleaning the Oceans
Using their powerful net!
They don't have the right to plunder
All the Oceans for their selfish gain
Not caring about what they're doing
Destroying and causing such pain!
World Governments do nothing to stop it
But there are brave Souls who dare
And many 'round the Earth support them
These are the Humans who care!
Our Oceans are vital to all Life!
Oh, sing me a song of the Sea
For without the Whales, Sharks, and Fishes
There won't be a You or a Me!
There won't be Trees, Grasses, Meadows
There won't be Earth, Air and Sky...
There won't be Bees, Lions, Tigers,
And there won't be the Birds to fly!
Nor Flowers to dance in the Breezes
Or the Wolf howling 'neath the pale Moon
Or the Rains to quench a dry Landscape
Nor Waters to fill the Lagoon!
All the faces of People will vanish
All the colors and cultures and race...
And there won't be that blue-glowing Earth....
Out there in the silence of Space!!...
(c)  M. Linda Steffey   2013

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