Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Not a single word was spoken.
Thus the silence remained unbroken.
There in silent thought I myself did find.
As not an answer this day came to mind.
There in that silence I did sit and think.
Deep into the silence my mind did sink.
There in my silence no thought did I hear.
Yet there in the silence it grew like fear.

Unreal in volume yet much the same.
The pounding of the silence to me came.
Growing louder and louder without sound.
Deep in my mind loudly in deed it did abound.

Pounding ever silently there upon my brain.
Enveloping me and I knew I could not remain.
There in my mind the silence I could not out run.
Yet escaping it I knew was a must to be done.

Away from the silence and gloom it did pervade.
From its deafening volume escape had to be made.
Escape I knew was a must back to life and sound.
Back to where deafening silence could not be found.

Back from that silence ever so deafening deep.
Away from the horrors of silence my mind to keep.
Back into the world where sound could be found.
Back from where the deep heavy silence did abound.

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