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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 1-18-07

What is this I see?
Slowly floating down; in front of me:
Oh for Heavenís sake:
Why it is just one lonely snowflake.
A flurry I heard them say.
One elegant snowflake going its way!
Gently falling upon the breeze!
Gently falling in elegant ease!
Drifting slowly, upon the wind as it goes.
Just where it will land only heaven knows.
I know that somewhere to the ground it shall fall.
Gently falling as to other snowflakes it does call.
It calls for them to come and play.
To play upon the breeze this cool winterís day!
Then with a swish of the wind it was gone.
But then another snowflake was there before too long.
For one snowflake playing on the wind is just not right.
For a multitude of snowflakes is a more pleasant sight.
And so it is as I begin to move again along my way.
I'm watching the little elegant snowflakes at play!

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