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I am the Manifestation
Of Celestial Birth
Born with the Knowledge
Of my Cosmic Worth
Never take a Life
In a Trillion Lives
So many I have Lived
Too many to Count
All I can do is Laugh
This World is not such a Blast
You Kill and Destroy
All that are Cosmic Born
A scourge you have Become
Lost to the Truth
As blind in the Dark
You have lost your Way
While I and my Kind
Skip dance and Play
This is your own Paradise
We are Gods
Open your Eyes
Time to Realize
All born are our Children
Every Animal is our Child
For life Is
The most sacred Thing
Life after Life
We must embrace It
Nurture It
Never let it Go
Behold your Honor
Be noble in every Way
I have not much more to Say
You step in Folly
In all your Ways
So I warn you Now
I must Leave
This place Soon
Mark my Words
You invite the End
Of yourself your Kind
For Eden we Gave
You violate the Truth
Kill all we Bestowed
Too many are your Slave
So many Young
Sent to the Grave
This is not the Way
None are to be your Slaves
Blind as idiots is your Way
When I Leave
I will give Account
Your future is at Stake
For Heaven's Sake
Change your Ways
I wish not to Destroy
But you murder our Family
Slaughter so many every Day
You were not Born
To take life Away
You are Gods of Creation
Have you forgotten your Place
Act like an Animal
Neglect the Fact
That we stand Above
How can you Disrespect Life
When you were born the Same
It's not a Game
You will Suffer
The same Fate
Me and Mine
Will have our Way
Cease the Killing
We will look the other Way
But be Forewarned
Continue on your Path
Our Wrath is on the Way
Life will not Discontinue
But be Assured
You will go Away
So respect Life
And ensure your Stay
For from a Breath
Of my Nostrils
All of your kind
I will Slay
I will become the Knife
You yield every Day
Thousands of Screams
We hear every Moment
Only Silence
Will turn us Away
Stop Killing our Creation
You have been Warned
Soon I go Away
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 06/02/13

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