Jhc Tabucur LyretteWe speak for those you cannot hear: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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And what gives us the right to kill others
Who evolved and share this world with us
In my heart they are my brothers & sisters
And it is our universal duty to preserve life
My soul screams when I hear them plead
As best as they can for their lives to be spared
For only their words to fall on your deaf ears
To you they have no voice
To us they speak volumes
How is it we know that they wish to live
For the same reason we all wish to live
To be to exist
That is the driving force of life itself
To flourish to enjoy the physical realm
This universe for the brief moments we all have
The Milky Way takes 250 millions years to revolve once
How much time do we all have,
And to rob others of that experience how selfish
Cattle and all livestock are born to hell in our world
Yet we selectively choose who to be humane to
Like our pets we love so dearly
It's a shame you cannot find it in your hearts
To extend that love to other higher lifeforms
Ever meet a Cow good folks
Would never do you wrong
We speak for those
you cannot hear

~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette ??/??/10

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