Andrew PellStretch forth thy hand (To my friend Tracey)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Stretch forth thy hand (To my friend Tracey)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Heal the sick was Christ’s command to his disciples,
They were given a task to bring comfort and peace to the sick and dying.
Many were healed simply by a touch of compassion and love.
Throughout the ages Men and women followed that same call.
Doctors and Nurses follow the same teaching, to ease a patients suffering and bring peace.
They were always there to help less one should stumble and fall.
Today Doctors and Nurses still provide the same quality of care.
Coupled with very sophisticated machinery and medicine,
However the same care and devotion to this ongoing care has not changed.
Face to Face contact with empathy and love sometimes assists the healing.
The Invisible guides and angels all in the operating theatre watching the outcome,
With prayer and love miraculous healings do happen.
When the doctors and nurses can do no more, the souls are guided to a beautiful place of peace.
They experience no more pain and look younger.
They feel at peace and will gradually awaken to what has just taken place.
They smile and with tears in their eyes give thanks.
The family members left behind are sad.
But their sadness turns to joy when it is their turn to depart this earth.
They are happy because it is a rebirth for them.
Life is continuous, the spirit will never die.
When people pass they can visit any where they want.
They are no longer shackled to a worn out body.
“Stretch forth thy hand and heal the sick.”

(c) Andrew Pell 20/06/2019


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