Summer Before Last I Saw an Angel
Poetry by Peter Menkin

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Summer Before Last I Saw an Angel
Poetry by Peter Menkin

Way out West where cowboys
and Indians live (they live in villages, native), two summers
ago there was an angel
at the gasoline pump--Chevron Station. (Greenbrae, CA.).

He looked like a man; there
are many men, but few angels
encountered at the Chevron, even in summer
the year before regular gasoline prices jumped.

Some like it here, these angels; tell
you these tall creatures as from
early Biblical story times. These are those among us.
Look for them now and then. Portents of friendly,
I hope, visitors walking among us
and driving both General Motors and foreign made
automobiles, filling the tank at the Chevron in summer daylight.

Are you a believer in angels, tall
or like many that these are travelers
come among us to stand and wait, enjoying
us humankind who are really animals of earthly birth.
I wonder.

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