Belinda van Rensburg Teach Me
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from

Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

Teach Me

Touch me, Spirit; teach me -
to walk in all God's ways.
Open my eyes and help me see,
God's plan for me this day.

Touch my soul and heal me,
cleanse my thoughts and mind.
God's child I always want to be,
since I'm no longer blind.
Teach me how to love You;
to obey all Your commands.
Teach me to love others too,
for this You do demand.

Teach me to forgive; forget,
and teach me these things, too;
to have faith and not to fret,
but to put my trust in You.

Teach me to turn the other cheek;
to not repay wrong for a wrong.
Teach me to be gentle; meek;
to know in Jesus I am strong.

Teach me how to seek Your Face,
and how to listen to Your Voice.
Then, when Satan gives me chase,
I'll make the correct choice.

Teach me to accept Your will,
even when I don't understand.
Teach me when to remain still,
and when to make a stand.

Teach me to walk in all Your ways;
to be obedient to You.
Then I can serve You all my days,
and reach out to others too.

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