Andrew PellTears and Fears
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Tears and Fears
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Do not hold back your tears and fears,
It is part of the fragility of being human.
We wish we could rise above everything and anything.
But at times we fail, other times we succeed.
When we lose love we feel that the world has passed us by.
This is not always true, try to remember God is always at our side.
Pray to God, with God there is nothing to hide.
God knows what happens before we make a situation happen.
Talk to God now and you will be surprised at the quick response you receive.
With God there is always clarity.
God is love and always is love.
For there is no other that can bring peace to a troubled world.
When you feel sad and disappointed with life, please talk to God now.
God will show you how, one day your path will be bright again.
Praying to God everyday you will have so much to gain.
Nothing ever remains the same.
Life is fluid and continually moving forward.
With God we will never go backwards.
Talk to God now while he may still be found.
Then your feet will once again walk on solid ground.
God will open our eyes so we can clearly see.
Whatever trouble in life, God is always there and can set us free.
Pray and talk to God today, you will be surprised at what God has to say.

Andrew Pell 12/01/2021

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