Andrew PellThank you Father
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Thank you Father
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Every single day you walk with me.
We are like children, O Divine light and love.
Every morning dear Jehovah, teach me to praise you.
You have opened my spiritual eyes that I can now clearly see.
Your holy works reverberate in our mind and Soul.
Take my hand dear Lord, if I stray please bring me back.
You have cleansed me from all evil and set me free.
Salvation was given as a free gift, because your son was nailed to a tree.
Praise you dear Lord, Praise you Jehovah, praise your sacred name.
I am blessed now; nothing will ever be the same,
Thank you Father for all that you have done.
Through you the spiritual battle has been won.

Andrew Pell 11/10/2020

Jesus shepherd
(This Picture is in the Public domain)

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