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Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman
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Thank God
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman

Thank God for opened eyes to see
His heavenly intent, for you and me,
Before the fall from Eden’s grace
And corruption of the human race.
Redemption’s for the ones who dare
Respond to Holy Spirit’s care
And do not wait ’till it’s too late –
Repentance opens heaven’s gate.

No death, no pain, no tears,
No creatures full of fears;
No cruelty – not a trace –
Since heaven’s a vegan place.

Those who mock and jeer us now
Will have to Satan bend and bow.
The truth that they refuse to hear
Will cost a price awfully dear!

“I never knew you,” Christ will say
On that awesome, fearful day.
Those who thought that they were saved
And took the path with evil paved

Will think of all the things we said;
Those things that made them laugh, instead
Of taking time to ask the Lord
If to ignore, they could afford,

The truth that Jesus came to teach.
Yet few are those that He will reach.
For humans value earthly pride;
From truth they mostly like to hide

For they are cowardly, it’s true;
The ones with “guts” are very few.
Eternity’s a long, long time
So pay attention to this rhyme!

(Written 23 March 2007)

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