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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Path
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Am I Destined to follow this path,
Should I take life so seriously and simply have a good laugh.
Is it Karmic Fate that I walk down this road?
Must I carry this heavy load?

I have tried to do the right thing by everybody in life,
I have absorbed a lot of anguish and succumbed to personal strife.
My ecliptic emotions are never the same.
Peace and tranquillity I hope will remain.

Life is difficult, but the path has been chosen for me.
The sign roads in front of me I can clearly see.
My life is one of sacrifice, I must obey.
Sometimes in life, we don’t know the way.

The positive thinkers say seize today, be in control.
Be positive, be happy set yourself a goal.
This is okay if you don’t believe in fate.
Fate has its own ideas it is never late.

You can fight against it or go with the tide.
There are many crossroads in our life, which one to follow we can’t decide.
Fate will decide for us, it will help us choose.
If we follow the right path, we will never loose.

Why do we persevere with trivial gains?
Should we not try to relinquish the pain?
Why be tormented by the past.
Life passes us by, it goes to fast.

What is the one thing in life you wish to be remembered for.
Is it fame, is it fortune, is it ambition or simply to help the poor.
Life teaches us to simply throw the dice.
I want people to simply say about me “ He was nice”.

I will always do the right thing by all who pass me by.
Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but at least I try.
There are times when depression stings deep.
I sit at home and quietly weep.

If I could go back to simpler days.
When life itself wasn’t a confusing maze.
If I could go back to the past.
But the happiness didn’t last.

What does the future have install for me.
Even my psychic friends couldn’t clearly see.
Where does my life go from here?
The uncertainty is my greatest fear.

I am at the crossroads of my life today.
Which path to take I cannot say.
Time is not static it flowing stream
We must move forward and embrace our dreams.

© Andrew Pell 2002

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