Andrew PellThe Apocalypse or Peace (or Both)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Apocalypse or Peace (or Both)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What does man require now?
He refuses to let God show him how.
It is easier for man to cause a war.
And hope the price of Oil will continue to soar.
We invade countries on a false premise to cause a perceived threat.
The retaliatory action is already in place and set.
The rich countries spend trillions on a war.
Yet they have no money to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.
The environment is destroyed by our careless ways.
The climate change debate is like entering in a mirror maze.
Countries are working to develop weapons of mass destruction.
One day there will be one gigantic eruption.
Peace will be an elusive shadowy figure.
It will be palatable and then taste very bitter.
A false peace and the apocalypse has been ordained since time began
From the very first moments of creation, God had his plan.
There will be a time of cleansing and retribution.
Man has forgotten his sacred mission.
Jerusalem will be the cherished prize.
The Holy City will cause great armies to rise.
But how can they stand up to Godís presence and divine will.
It will become a very bitter pill.
They will all be scattered before the Lord.
Many will perish by the sword.
The Holy City will be the Holy Bride.
God will live among men and walk by their side.
Then and only then will there be real peace.
There will be a thousand years when all hatred and wars will cease.
You ask the question of war or peace.
The answer is simple. Godís pronouncements and judgements will never cease.

© Andrew Pell 18/06/08

The Apocalypse or Peace

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