Andrew PellThe Bullet Train of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Bullet Train of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We travel fast, we get anxious. We work longer hours.
Sometimes with all that we do, we wished we had super powers.
We are overly concerned about “What if I don’t” or “What if I do”.
These words reverberate all around us; they are poignantly true.
Stop! Change direction; change your thought process.
Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a short recess.
Focus on whom you really are and where you want to go.
You do not have to rush; it is okay to be slow.
Look at the flower it blossoms when it is ready.
Take a walk in the garden, what do you see?
We as individuals and collectively have brought this madness upon us.
Take a moment to rest. Take a break. You deserve a big plus.
Be content with what you have achieved. It is almost to good to be believed.
You have accomplished great and marvelous deeds.
You have attended to the harvest. You have sewn many seeds.
Time is now your friend, not your enemy.
Open your eyes; there is much to see.
The Bullet train of life has now scheduled a brief stop.
It is time to disembark. Go out and shop.
Until it is time to embark on the train again, experience great peace.
The pressure has dissipated. You feel great release.
Contemplate the rest of your journey in an alternate form of transport.
You will still reach your goals that you have truly sort.

© Andrew Pell 10/12/2005

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