Andrew PellThe Celestial Symphony
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Celestial Symphony
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Celestial Symphony

Look at how we observe the stars shining so bright.
They filter our earth with its incandescence light.
They resonate in perfect thirds and fifths.
They are part of the divine symphony; which is not a myth.
The moon brings light to the vast darkness at night.
To Lovers it is so romantic; it really is a beautiful sight.
It also has its solo passages with the sun.
It enables creation to enjoy life every day till day is done.
The planets in circular motion dance the astrological dance.
The earth in its elliptical motion holds its stance.
Saturn and Jupiter perform a duet.
While Neptune and Uranus become the Cantorate.
The conductor of the Cosmos is the Ancient of Days.
It is a unique symphony not a random maze.
The Celestial Symphony has no beginning and no end.
The inner movements are truly a Godsend.
Embrace the Celestial Symphony today.
Listen and watch the Divine Maestro perform his play.

Andrew Pell 19/05/07

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