Andrew PellThe Circle of Light
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Circle of Light
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When life gets you down and causes you to frown,
Take one step backwards and turn around.
Visualise a wide golden circle appearing before you.
Step in and visualise a soft golden light slowly surrounding you.
In this light you are protected from all negativity and harm.
You are now resonating with the light and all is calm.
When you are in that circle of light time stands still.
A minute in that circle could be an eternity to fill.
Let all the hurt and anger dissipate and fall slowly away.
The circle of light flickers and touches you with its golden ray.
It cleanses and uplifts, as you have never felt before.
Remember it is a circle, so there isnít any door.
When you are ready to leave.
Step outside the circle and truly believe.
Dear friends can form that circle of light.
Give thanks for their friendship and abundant insight.

© Andrew Pell 28/06/08

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