Andrew PellThe Dearest and the Best
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Dearest and the Best
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Dearest and the Best

Dear Lord, you open my eyes to unseen worlds.
Realms of endless days, celestial banners unfurled.
Myriads of roses are in bloom all throughout the year.
Anyone who walks this path will never shed a tear.

Loved ones past and present all walk this splendid road.
The long path is very hallowed.
Full of health, full of vigor they journey on.
The path may last for eternity, but it is not very long.

The fragrance of the roses permeates through this new dimension.
We are a new creation with God, part of the divine ascension.
There are never any strangers on this path we walk.
We all share a story and we all want to talk.

The streams and rivers that flow are all crystal clear.
In this world there is absolutely nothing to fear.
The colors and richness are all enlarged and magnified.
Like a child overwhelmed, you wish to stop and cry.

Celestial visitors take time to walk and share.
They do not have to communicate that they really do care.
If your heart is heavy they will take you by the hand.
With God, everything is planned.

Life in this world is real, but not as we knew.
This is a reality that is constant and true.
We are now walking the true reality.
A world that is no longer in the shadows of unreality.

There is a voice of gentleness; a voice of calm speaks.
The answers come to those who earnestly seek.
The quiet voice is contentment, a healing balm.
We are all in a state of alignment and calm.

The visions fade, earthly reality comes once more.
Visualize that world of roses so your spirit can soar.
Our souls are immortal and our life is full of zest.
Reach out to a friend that is dearest and best.

Andrew Pell 25/07/09

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