Andrew PellThe Disposable Age
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Disposable Age
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

I ask the question, do we live in a disposable age?
Does not that question at least fill you with a small amount of rage?
We willingly discard items that are no longer useful.
We buy the latest gadgets that make us feel very cool.
But what about people are they discarded as well?
I think the answer must be a big yes; Corporations have a lot of stories to tell.
If it is no longer profitable, the balance sheet says to cut staff.
Often good and loyal people are let go without even a life raft.
But more on a personal level are we guilty of letting go?
Do we treat good friends as common foe?
Is it fashionable to be with that person or another?
Sometimes we say, “Why do we bother”?
Even in this disposable age we live in’
We relegate people to the dustbin.
If we do God will say, depart from me you cannot enter in”.
Love all people, encourage them, and be generous and kind.
This is more enjoyable and palatable than a good bottle of wine.

© Andrew Pell 6/11/07

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