J. R. Hyland THE EMPEROR IS NUDE: Poetry By J. R. Hyland - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.


Certain words I do not like;
Like certain foods, they make me sick;
And certain sights revolt my eyes
Inciting riots in my head.
And certain sounds attack my ears
And war on harmonies within;
While certain light - waves, juxtaposed,
Expose the tainted tones of sin.

But most of all I do not like,
Nor well digest, those certain lies
That tell me freedom is the choice
To force my judgment's compromise;
And make believe that I accept
The ignorant as the adept.

Afraid of censure and their peers;
Victims of their status - fears;
those who notice, dare not say:
“The Emperor is nude today.”

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