Andrew PellThe Gift of Christmas
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Gift of Christmas
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The bells rang merrily on Christmas morn.
We celebrate the day that Christ was born.
The candles on the high alter were alight.
The light that shone through the windows was very bright.
The people sung the old familiar carols and hymns.
The offertory they did bring.
The organ thundered forth with triumphant chords.
The incense rose upward to our heavenly Lord.
Hark the herald angel’s sing.
This lovely old carol did the people sing.
This was a day of divine peace and everlasting love.
This wonderful gift came from God above.
Peace on earth goodwill to men.
Embrace one another, kind thoughts will you send.
All glory be to God on high.
Born in a manger did the infant lie.
The magi traveled afar to visit the heavenly child.
He ushered in a new age this infant so mild.
“Hark the herald angels sing”.
Earth was united. “Glory to the new born king”

© Andrew Pell 18/12/2004

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