Andrew PellThe Gift of Mercy
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Gift of Mercy
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Gift of Mercy

To show mercy is a divinely inspired gift.
It heals many wounds that would normally cause a rift.
Combined with love and forgiveness, it is a very powerful force.
To embrace this gift will set you on the proper course.
If someone has wronged you, do not retaliate.
Once you have retaliated, you have closed the gate.
You have sealed yours; and their own fate.
Reach out to them in total love and forgiveness.
You are showing a divine act of kindness.
The gift of mercy is ever flowing.
You never cease; it is a seed that is perpetually growing.
Think of someone that has hurt you in the past.
Your momentary anger will not last.
Crown and surround that person with a beautiful golden light.
You will set yourself free and release them from their darkest night.
Be at peace with yourself and your fellow travellers.
What God has ordained is simply marvellous.

Andrew Pell 18/04/08

The Gift of Mercy

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