Andrew PellTheir Cry goes up, "How long?"
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Their Cry goes up, “How long?”
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A Sub treatise and poem on the Death and Resurrection and Return of Jesus Christ our Lord)

(Another inspiring Line from the Hymn “The Church is one Foundation” Written by Samuel John Stone” 1866)

Look at all the people who have died in the Faith.
How Loving is our God and his Son Jesus Christ.
That terrible dark day when Christ died on the Cross, changed the World forever.
There was a line drawn in the sand.
The ransom was freely paid and God intervened and sent his only begotten Son to pay the ultimate price.
A barbaric death on a Cross with nails through the feet and hands.
But their cries turned into a Song of Joy.
Christ arose and Christ will come again.
The Saints who have died before, Cry out, “How long, how long”.
With that power and majesty and divine love the World will be changed forever.
Evil will be defeated with no place to hide and no place to go.
With the gift of eternal life through Christ’s sacrifice, no one will ever be denied.
How beautiful are these lines of hope and love.
There will be peace and harmony forever and a day.
All of us should get on our knees and reverently pray,
Come dear Lord soon and do not delay.
The Earth will become a paradise once more that will blossom and flower.
The Earth will be abundantly blessed by God’s Divine power.
The Earth will be transformed as never before.
Give thanks to our Lord and God forever to be adored and worshipped.
He never abandoned us but lovingly brought us back into the fold.

This wonderful story needs to be told many times over and over again.
Because of this gift of such magnitude, nothing will ever be the same.
Embrace and hold onto this gift that is freely given now.
Accept this gift it is more precious than diamonds or gold.
This miraculous story needs to be told.
Open our hearts and our mind and let our praise and adoration reverberate around the globe.
Like St. Paul let us be strong and bold.
Say a prayer “Thank you Father” for this great majestic and climatic day.
“Soon the night of weeping shall be the dawn of Song”.

© Andrew Pell 12/11/2020

Mosaic of Jesus Christ on Ceiling in Church in Cambridge.
(This Picture is in the Public Domain)

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