Andrew PellThe Light that Beacons
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Light that Beacons
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Light that Beacons

We stumble in darkness, but there is so much more.
There is a way of living that you may not have experienced before.
We must surrender the ego before we can freely walk in the light.
It is the light that calls you out of the darkest night.
There is a voice that thunders, but we still cannot hear.
There is a light that overpowers us, but we still walk in fear.
Firstly, let all your anger and hostility dissipate.
Let it slowly ebb away.
Listen to the voice that dearly wants you to walk in the light.
This is so you may lead others from their darkest night.
When you feel angry step outside the anger zone.
When you do this, you will never be alone.
Let all frustration and negativity fall from you like shattered glass.
All negative emotions are relegated to the past.
Everyday the light walks with you.
From early childhood, you knew these words were true.
Christ is the light that leads our way.
Christ is the light that will forever stay.
There is no longer any need to stumble in darkness.
Walk in the light and be truly blest.

Andrew Pell 10/04/10

The Light that Beacons

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