Andrew PellThe Love of God Consumes All
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Love of God Consumes All
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

God reaches out to all life.
Mankind is blessed by God’s loving grace.
God’s touch is a warm embrace.
Animals instinctively know that God is there.
They know by intuition that God does care.
In all physical suffering God will be there.
In happiness and sadness God reaches out.
Why do we always doubt?
God controls the destiny of the universe.
Yet we find him in a simple verse.
The light of day resonates that God is love.
Myriad of stars join in the celestial song above.
Times we may feel isolated, but we are never alone.
Our hearts at times are cold as stone.
Let God be part of your immortal being.
God is always showering us with love and giving.
The love of God consumes all.
Enter into silence and listen to his call.

© Andrew Pell 25/07/2012

The Love of God Consumes All
(This picture is in public domain)

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