Andrew PellThe Music of the Soul
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Music of the Soul
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Take a walk in the garden, open your eyes to the world unseen.
See all the imaginary colours, a garden that is so vibrant and so green.
Hear the music of the soul, an enchanting rhapsody,
Imagine all the sounds of nature, the unseen orchestra, antiphonally calling thee.
Listen to what they are saying, open your mind.
There is an abundant treasure, ready for you to find.
Open your heart, feel the love.
It will descend to you from high above.
Cherish this moment in time,
Experience the now, it is truly sublime.
For a brief moment escape the harsh realities of everyday living,
Accept the bounties and love that mother earth is always giving.
Become enslaved to that special song in your heart.
That magical melody will linger and linger, it will never depart.
Become transformed and transfixed in this mystical state.
Do not worry about time, you will not be late.
For this brief moment in time, you were destined to partake,
Enjoy the tranquillity and transformation of your very being.

Behold the wonder and majesty of the world unseen.
Then when the time has come to leave this magical place,
Leave with reverence and awe, that haunting melody, you must fully embrace.
That same melody will be your key to escape again.
It will burn in your heart and once more ignite the flame.
You will shake of the trials and tribulations of every day living.
To yourself you will become more forgiving.
Enjoy that mystic moment when time and space cross each other.
Remember that special time, when you gazed into the eyes of your lover.
That very same time, when earth stood still and heaven was in your heart.

Andrew Pell 2002

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