Andrew PellThere are many Paths that lead to God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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There are many Paths that lead to God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

God will hear prayers in many different ways.
All we have to do is quiet our heart and mind and hear what God has to say.
God is there for all who earnestly seek.
They do not have to be wealthy for God is there for the needy and weak.
Pray to God, God will make all things clear.
You do not have to be a clairvoyant or seer.
Talk to God in your heart every single day.
Spend an hour or two talking to the God of Love.
Godís Holy Spirit will descend upon you like a gentle dove.
There are many paths that lead to God.
God will use whatever means there is to communicate with us.
God will do this without pain or fuss.
All I can say is follow the Path that our Savior trod.
Talk to God and your World will be changed in an instant.
To God we are like a new born infant.
We live in a troubled world and society.
God is the Key that will open our hearts and set us free.
There are many Paths that lead to God.
Embrace at least one path that God will reach out to you.
Orthodox Religion cannot fully understand the majesty of God.
All we can do is to read the Bible and walk in the path the apostles trod.
Godís is here and there more magnificent and holy than any dogma or creed.
Read the Bible it is your spiritual feed.
For only God can give us the divine path that can truly set us free.

© Andrew Pell 07/12/2020 

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