Andrew PellThe Reality of God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Reality of God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We see God in a flower in bud.
We feel the breath of God in a wind that blows.
God is present in a statue divinely sculpted.
God will also be recognized by a warm smile and friendly hello.
If they are blessed by a persons kindness, then they to will follow.
God is invisible and omnipresent.
The birds by instincts sing, beautiful songs to the God of love.
They understand the spiritual world while man stumbles through Godís Path.
Let God in the form creation bring you closer to the real world awaiting you.
It is calling you, beckoning you to understand something new.
God can also be seen in rolling hills and pastures verdant green.
The clarion call to see this wondrous creation is a miracle to be seen.
Let us reflect on this trying to be better people.
By our selfless actions we stand higher than the tallest cathedral steeple.

© Andrew Pell 07/11/10

The Reality of God

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