Andrew PellThe Understanding of Ones Self
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Understanding of Ones Self
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What are we really like as individuals?
Our belief systems or the way we interact can be sometimes banal.
We react to moments in time that have no reason or rhyme.
We intellectualise moments that we cannot feel or reason.
Perhaps our earthly incarnations are like yearly seasons.
But what is it that makes us unique.
Is there some form of mystique?
At times we are strong, other times we are weak.
Our experiences and our intuition decide what course of action.
Sometimes they may bring on an adverse reaction.
Our Guides may help to create a positive outcome.
Where they can see how the battle can be won, when day is done.
But who are we truly?
What is it that makes us different for the entire world to see?
The answer is our soul, our interaction with the Divine.
Everything we do is a signpost, a clearly marked and defined sign.
This is what makes us unique and diverse.
Anything else would simply make things worse and would be a curse.

Andrew Pell 31/05/08

The Understanding of Ones Self

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