Andrew PellTheurgy (Working with God)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Theurgy (Working with God)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

the·urgy (t̸hē′ər jē)
noun pl. -·gies
1. An occurrence or accomplishment or a sequence of these, esp. when remarkable or extraordinary, viewed as effected by supernatural or divine agency
2. A set of acts or incantations taken to be capable of producing such occurrences or accomplishments.

We study theology, but we are not conversant with theurgy.
Theurgy is working with God and you don't need a Ph.D.
How many of us expect God to do all the work.
Can we not share in his handiwork?
God has blessed us with his creative faculties.
Yet we place the entire burden on God tragically or unconsciously.
We are called to be co creators with the Divine.
Yet to the full potential or possibilities we are totally blind.
In modern day terms, it is not a spell but a rational understanding of God's Will.
God did not wish us to be on a continual treadmill.
Work with God for a change and expect results.
Your life from that moment will catapult.
Learn and understand theology, practice Theurgy.
A Partnership with God will set you free.

© Andrew Pell 09/10/08

Theurgy (Working with God)

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