Andrew PellThe Water of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Water of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

“He who is thirsty let him come.”
Come and be refreshed, come have a drink
Be refreshed, no longer will you feel the need to sink.
You will be rejuvenated; your turmoil will dissipate
God on high will never forsake.
When you are thirsty give a thought to the river of life.
There you will find divine peace; there will be no more strife.
Let the water of life so crystal clear infiltrate your very essence.
Once you have tasted this water, you will be able to stand in God’s presence.
Come take this water of life now.
Accept this gift; let God show you how.
The water of life is a wonderful gift.
In your life and personality there will be a quantum shift.
Come partake of this gift now before it is too late.
One day God will close the river gate.

© Andrew Pell 05/03/06

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