Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

One morning at dawning
A man went to yawning
And fell out on the wrong side of bed!
He stepped on his lip
And bruised his hip
A great bump popped up on his head!
He tore his new undies
He wears just on Sundays
He stumbled all 'round the room,
Upon a skate
Of his dear daughter Kate
He stepped...and the scared man went ZOOM!!

With a very loud bawl
He crashed through the wall
You could hear him screaming for miles!
It was really quite shocking
How he brought people flocking
Half-naked, he brought out the smiles!
Down the road he did go
It was really a show
Past a cop in the road he did fly....
The cop turned about
And started to shout
The poor man began to cry!

"Oh, what can I do?
If only I knew!"
He screamed as he rolled out of sight
Wearing only torn undies
He wore just on Sundays
He rolled along shaking with fright!
He rolled smack into...
A large lady who
Was bending to get clothes she washed
They rolled all around
All over the ground
The skinny man was squashed!

Finally thrown clear
He grabbed at his rear
The undies had torn a bit more..
He dashed for the street
Holding his seat
All bruised, lumpy and sore...
In the bright light of day
He soon found his way
Back home to the kids and his wife..
A sorry sick man
Who could barely stand
Who thinly escaped with his life!

Whenever the morning
Comes up a dawning...
Please, kids..beware what I've said!
Avoid all the trouble
You'll get on the double
Getting up on the wrong side of bed!...

(c) M. Linda Steffey 1986

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