Belinda van Rensburg This Fallen World
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This Fallen World

I cannot look into his eyes-
those hollow, hollow eyes.
Filled with so much pain and sorrow,
not knowing what he'll eat tomorrow.
His portion is a living hell
but there is none whom he can tell.

I cannot look into her eyes
those sad and tear-stained eyes.
Filled with such distrust; so sad.
Abused; misused by her own dad.
Her portion is a living hell
but there is none whom she can tell.

A little baby is rejected;
a little boy badly neglected.
A little kitten
kicked and beaten;
a puppy in the gutter -
while others suffer, suffer.

I've seen it all; I've seen their eyes
Because the eyes do not tell lies.
Sad eyes, lonely; filled with fear
some too sad to shed a tear.
They have no hope; they have been battered;
their lives have totally been shattered.

Oh, Father God, why is this so?
Why don't You see; seem not to know -
about the suffering, the pain?
Oh, God, tell us: who is to blame?

"This is a fallen world you live in;
the Light is very dim;
The darkness is without; within,
as you continue in your sin.

Your only Hope then lies herein:
That you repent of all your sin
And trust in Jesus' Blood to cleanse
And make you new and whole again.

When He comes back to bring you Home -
to come and bow before My throne,
Those sad and hollow eyes will be
joy-filled throughout eternity."

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