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Through Music People See and Experience God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Through music people can actually feel and see the Divine.
Every living creature is responsive to sound that flows and soothes.

A melody unites. All created species are divinely inspired.
God is the author of every divine sound that is heard from above.

It transforms our being and promotes well being.
People who are suffering find heavenly peace.
A sense of Divinity that will never cease,
An eternity in a moment of time that can only increase,
God is the author of every note that flows.
A unique chord structure that affects and calms us from everyday stress,
Subconsciously guiding and captivating our very souls,
Spontaneous chords revolving and evolving.
Angelic notes on a page that God has inspired.
Creating a magic that will set our hearts on fire.
David himself was soothed by the sound of a Lyre.
Think of God when you hear your next symphony.
Rest assured God will think of you in the music of creation.

Andrew Pell 15/03/2015

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