Thus It Is Pray
Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Thus It Is Pray
Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written December 2, 2010

Memories are all we have until the day we die.
Memories of joy and the tears we did cry.
Past days of our lives a time we thought we did live.
Good and bad times plus prayers to God to forgive.

For in due truth; I desire to be in Heaven with you.
God knows you were the better of the two.
For in Heaven with God you are this I do know.
Thus I ask God to forgive me so I may go there also.

For sins in my life indeed I have made it is true.
Each day I live asking God to forgive me too.
For upon that day; when you took your last breath.
Your smile told me the Lord was there at your death.

The look of peace you had there upon your face.
The worried and frightened one it did replace.
For on that day of your prayers to God this I do believe.
I saw there upon your face his forgiveness you did receive.

Thus it is of this with memories of you I pray.
The Lord will forgive and allow me into Heaven some day.
As each day I struggle do properly within Godís sight.
Thus I pray for forgiveness and to walk in his glorious light.

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