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With every bite you fall farther from the Light
With Darkness approaching we must change our ways
For Murder is Murder we destroy Life and defile creation
This we must face at end of our days
But when we are gone humans will not change
And continue to slay ensuring that our
Grandchildren will live in a polluted
Eden that we gave how selfish are we to
Steal their future all for a piece of
Murdered Beast we are the spirit of Death
For that is all we shall reap
Future generations will pay for your feast
If you love your children then change your
Ways and leave them a World of Peace
Not one of pestilence and plague
A World of Torture and Disease
The water unfit to drink and the
Air not clean enough to breath
Mark my Words for I am the eyes of
A Greater Beast sent here to see
For soon I shall leave this place
There is Death or Peace no in betweens
So you must think and chose when you
Sit down at your next Godless feast
I was born to be an orphan to see Humans
Evil deeds and hateful ways first hand
For I am the Demon within
To take tally of your Sins
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 02/05/13

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