Andrew PellTo Love is to Know God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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To Love is to Know God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

To Love is to Know God

(1 John 4:12)

To understand God is to show love to all.
It is through love we all adhere to the Divine call.
We show love and kindness to both the rich and poor.
This is what Christ did when he lived on earth before.
Embrace all who seek the true reality of living.
It is not what we receive but in the act of giving.
How can we possibly know God without knowing love?
Do we sit and wait for a lightening bolt from above.
If that is how we think, we really donít understand.
In this existence we create the plan.
Compassion is the first step in the knowledge we seek.
This knowledge is there for both the strong and weak.
Love all creation, all that has breath.
To not understand you are spiritually deaf.
Love people from every nation.
Embrace this divine realization.

© Andrew Pell 27/09/10

To Love is to Know God

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