Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

With time on my hands these days and thoughts upon the mind. I find it easy to be active or just waste my time. To be active upon my thoughts is my choice. May this one bring a smile to all who read it.

With this day just what shall I do?
Go with a smile or frown like you?
Itís not a tough choice to make.
A little thought is all it does take.

If I walk around with a; frown.
My friends will think Iím down.
They might even think I am sad.
Over even worse that I; am mad.

If I walk around with a; smile on my face.
Hopefully a frown or two I will erase.
For if I smile others will smile too.
I like to see smiles how about you?

If with a frown upon my face I go this day.
It might just chase my friends away.
As no one; likes it when you frown.
For your frown might bring them down.
So it is with a smile today I will go.
A happy me to the world I will show.
For indeed happy I am this day to live.
If you frown, a smile to you I then will give.

Written March 23, 2010

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