Andrew PellThe Totality of Possibilities
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Totality of Possibilities
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Within each of us there lies a dormant power.
That we can access right here and now,
We expend to much negative energy trying to solve a problem.
Being positive and proactive means loving thoughts you will be able to send,
We will find everything turns out positive so there is nothing we cannot mend.
Speak with authority and in the positive,
Do not even think or be negative.
Speak in the affirmative.
This is what the great physician Christ wanted to give.
Trust the Universe to provide all our needs.
Do not even think or focus on greed.
The power lies within each of us to grasp and use.
Try it you have nothing to lose.
Walk as our heavenly Father wanted us to walk.
Confident, bold learn the Laws of abundance that’s reaching out to you.
The crown is within your reach, grasp it, hold it, visualise the prize.
When it comes to you, there shouldn’t be any surprise.
Christ always healed and spoke in the positive.
Let us continue his work and practice in the affirmative,
By following in his path, many miracles you will perform
You will calm the darkest storm.
Untold blessings will materialize
Play the positive game, create your own miracles, accept your crown and prize.
See in your life the totality of possibilities.

(c) Andrew Pell   08/05/2018


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