Andrew PellTranscend the Mundane
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Transcend the Mundane
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Transcend the Mundane

How often do we wish we could transcend the mundane?
Sometimes we feel down and not in a good frame.
We can feel sad and despondent.
We think life has made us redundant.
It doesnít have to be this way.
In life we can have a greater say.
Let the realization come that we can succeed.
Stop and take the lead.
Do what is positive and have some fun.
Go outside and go for a run.
Phone a friend and arrange to meet.
Walking out your door is a mighty feat.
Donít surrender to feelings of despair.
Realize that people do really care.
Transcend the mundane and reach the sublime.
There is never a better time.

© Andrew Pell 04/06/10

Transcend the Mundane

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