Andrew PellTrue Love is Freedom
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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True Love is Freedom
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

With God there is complete freedom.
He reaches out to us in Holy Communion.
We partake in everlasting peace and tranquility.
Freedom can be found in unconditional love.
Sometimes we think that love can only be found high above.
God loves us all who are far and near.
True love can give us the freedom in our earthly relationships.
IT is unconditional love that frees us from regret or fear.
It brings transparency and light in what we do.
IT shields us from sorrow and negativity.
Unconditional love holds the key.
Do not base relationships on fear.
Let those who we love show that we are there for them.
As God is with us;
God shows us the way.
If only we listen to what the bible has to say.

Andrew Pell 04/01/2012

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