Andrew PellTurn your problems into opportunity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Turn your problems into opportunity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

No one is immune from everyday problems of life,
When we least expect it we get into strife.
But there are two ways of looking at this,
We do not know the best way to run or which way to turn.
This no doubt causes a lot of heartache and deep concern.
This is a hard question to think about and discern.
Stop for a moment and look close at the situation.
Problems are transitory and can be dealt with in any number of ways.
Life is continually flowing and never stagnant.
If you find you cannot move forward stop for a moment and pray.
Always in some way when you least expect it, God will lead you along the way.
Opportunities come and opportunities go.
Embrace them and hold them tight.
Before long your path will be clear and shining bright.
If you make a mistake analyze it then set it right.
You do not need to be angry or put up a fight.
You yourself will be able to solve the puzzle.
God gave us the intellect and the tenacity to think and make things right.
Next time something goes wrong, do not panic and be at peace.
Before the day is gone, you would have already solved the problem.
If everyone did that there would be no longer anger and frustration.
Solving problems peacefully and moving forward will bring such joy and elation.
At the end of the day give thanks to God, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity,
Such peace and Faith will always set you free.
You hold the Key only you can unlock the door.
With peace and thought brings confidence
A good ingredient is plain old common sense.

Andrew Pell 17/02/2021

(This Vintage Picture is in the Public Domain and free to use)

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