Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

The clouds of yesterday now do form.
They do not bring back to me a terrible storm.
Just past memories brought in their shadow.
Memories of those days I once did know.
Some of which, were happy, and others sad.
Bits and pieces of a life I once had.

Bits and pieces of memories on which to live!
A life lived that, to me God did give.
A life in which many a thing I have done.
Bits and pieces of my past they are every one
They are the memories, the clouds do over shadow.
Memories of things that, only I shall forever know.

Memories of days gone by as those clouds draw near.
Past days upon which, I remember how I shed a tear.
Days when I laughed until I did cry!
Memories only over shadowed by days gone by.
Days of which, my memories the Lord does share.
For now only he and I do know what I did there.

There under those clouds my memories will always be.
There in that cloud shrouded world of mystery.
A world in which, I once did truly live.
A world of memories I pray the Lord will forgive.
For God knows where I truly was back in those days.
God also knows I regret many things in many ways.

So it is that with bits and pieces of my life I do live.
Remembering those cloud shrouded days God did give.
Days I know my clouds, I truly did earn.
Days upon which, God taught me to learn.
Learn I have, of what God desires that I know.
His paths I should walk upon and always go.

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