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I still recall, Jerusalem, that year
And how it felt, to walk its dusty roads,
I know the feeling of a surging market place;
How all the men, were seen to gather there.
I said “amen”, to those who taught the law,
And envied them, their broad phylacteries,
I gave assent, to Roman soldiers there;
They ruled the world, by power of the sword.

I listened to a man who came from Greece,
Then understood, that beauty’s locked in form;
And so I learned, the power of the mind,
And of the sword. And how the law repays.

One day I went, beyond Jerusalem,
And left behind, the crowded market place,
I saw a crowd, and followed them along
Until I saw, a solitary hill.

A man taught there, I’d never heard his name,
And what he said, I’d never heard before,
His voice was sure, his message plain to hear,
I thought I knew, exactly what he said.

But now I find, two thousand years have gone,
And only now, do I begin to know
The truth he spoke, that day in Galilee,
The truth he gave, to me, so long ago.

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