J. R. Hyland VEGETARIAN: Poetry By J. R. Hyland - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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You may have been, along the way
Nihilist, Buddhist, Catholic, Jew
Deist, Theist, ----- all of these,
Seeking on each path what’s true.

You’ve learned to share, not proselytize
All roads lead home for those who try
Godless atheists abound, with good works
From the truth they’ve found.

And if, non - militant, you dwell
Among the many who will choose
One orthodox belief or creed
To last them, this whole lifetime through.

They’ll puncture you with patronage
And prick you with their promised prayers
That’s good for you, it lets escape
Large quantities of held, hot air.

But mostly that’s the full extent
Of what you will be subject to
Unless of course, they know you’ve been
--- By choice a vegetarian --
You don’t believe it? Have it known
That you no more partake of flesh;
No reason will you have to give,
The facts enough to start the rift.

They’ll rant and rave, or calmly spend
Hours pointing out the “facts”
Of death, debility, you face,
Because you will not eat a steak.

“I accuse” they say and point right to
Your wrist - watch band, or else your shoes
“I accuse” they yell, you start, and then
It’s inventory time again.
The book you read, it could be that
Perhaps the chair you’re sitting on
you never know, your very sole
Could be the thing they’ve hit upon.
“Leather” is the battle cry
And proof of your hypocrisy
They’ll find it in the damnedest place
And always way ahead of you.
The moral’s plain, and painful, too;
If you are over thirty - two
Your peers will not accept --
You should have settled, long ago.

And thrown away such youthful things,
Become more practical and “real”
And in maturity -- a must --
Be properly carnivorous.

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