Andrew PellVictorious and Glorious
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Victorious and Glorious
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Inspired by the words of a friend)

Victorious and glorious is the way we want to live.
Victory comes from forgiveness and glorious is our eternal heritage.
Make peace and extend the hand of friendship, abundantly give.
We can write our victory song, each and every day on a new page.
Do not internalise or fight against what we want to achieve.
Go out, be productive and miracles you will receive.
Do not look back, but clearly focus on the desired result.
Focus clearly and success will hit you like a lightening bolt.
Walk past distractions or energy vampires that weaken you.
They will tell you nothing new.
Put into action today what your mind saw yesterday.
Connect to the divine and let your Guides show you the way.
We can be victorious in a moment of time.
The lighted path will clearly shine.
Accept and embrace the heritage of who we are.
Be victorious and glorious for we will travel far.

Andrew Pell 12/03/09

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