deaton_marla-180Walter's Eyes
Poetry by Marla Deaton
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Walter's Eyes
Poetry by Marla Deaton

Walter's eyes.
Did not despise
His pain could not disguise
All the love there in Walter's eyes.

His body wrecked
Due to neglect
But someone looked in his eyes
And Walter began to realize

He would find his reason to live
There was something he could give
Then there was that feeling
He could begin his healing

And all it took
Was someone to look
In Walter's eyes.


Walter (Pit Bull Dog) was rescued by a man and his wife. They were on Good Morning America. The man saw a vehicle slow down and push the dog out onto a city street and abandon him. He was swollen and naked with no fur due to a disorder. The show raised money to pay his vet bills. He was precious.

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